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Python Training at APLC

Python has become a very popular programming language in education as well as in industry. We at APLC are the first to provide Python Training in Greater Noida. We started delivering classroom coaching way back in December 2014 and till now have completed over 25 batches. Our students who studied this course are now placed in different IT companies as web developers, system programmers, data analyst and data scientist.

The popularity of Python programming has increased tremendously compared to other programming languages such as C/C++, Java, .NET, Javascript and so on. This can be seen from the graph shown below. You can judge the popularity of Python programming from the red line in the graphs which depicts the exponential growth in the number of questions posted on stack overflow related to Python programming. The world is moving towards Python programming and you should also make a move towards it.

python training aplc greater noida

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Who should learn Python Programming ?

Python programming is a great skill-set to achieve. It is essential if you are :-

  • College Student – Python helps to stay ahead of your friends as it unleashes you to develop really cool stuff like you own website or perform data analysis with mesmerizing graphs
  • Final Year College Student – If you are doing engineering (B.Tech.), whether you are from computer science background or not, it unleashes you into the world of programming and various jobs are available where you can join as a fresher doing Python programming. This is really important considering the current placement where very few companies are interested in giving jobs to candidates who are not from computer science background.
  • Working Professional – If you are a working professional where your existing job demands you to develop codes in Python, then it is the right time to learn Python. Python programming not only is an asset on your CV, it also keeps you ahead of competition and result in higher appraisal at the year end.

Python Training – Course Content

We at APLC provide 60 hours course on Python which covers the following topics. Of these 60 hours, 30 hours is classroom training and there is 30 hours for assignment problems and project work.

  • Getting Started
    About Python – Introduction, Installation of python, How Python Runs Programs, Start writing codes in Python
  • Types and Operations
    Concept of objects in python, Numbers , Dynamic declarations, Strings, List and Dictionaries, “Tuples, files and everything else”
  • Statements and Syntax
    Introducing Python Statements, Assignment Expressions and print, If Tests, While and For Loops
  • Functions
    Functions Basics, Scopes and Arguments
  • Modules
    Modules: the big picture, Module Coding Basics, Module Packages
  • Exceptions and Tools
    Exception Basics, Exception Objects, Designing with exceptions
  • Debug the code
    Debugging concepts
  • File Handling
    File open close write
  • Classes and OOP
    OOP: The Big Picture , Class Coding Basics, Class Coding Details, Designing with Classes
  • Project
    Python for Data Analysis – Hands On

Python Training starting soon. Call +91-8800983932 or Register for Demo

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