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Deep Learning impacting AI

The recent advances in the field of Deep Learning has revolutionized the way Artificial Intelligence works. The impact of Deep Learning is so huge that computers are now surpassing human level performance in tasks such as face recognition, speech recognition and text comprehension. This has opened rooms for automation in tasks that was unthinkable to do by computers until now. These areas are call center operations, inquiry centers, car driving, video surveillance, transcription and many more. Most of these avenues employ large human workforce to get things done. With advent in AI, there is serious risk to people working in these areas. It is not too late to say that AI can take away jobs in huge numbers.

What is Deep Learning ?

Deep Learning is Neural Network based machine learning method that creates representations out of data that are not possible to describe using conventional wisdom. Consider, how would you describe what a face is to a computer ? As a human we know what an eye is or a nose is. However, computer understands only numbers. Deep Learning provides efficient mechanism to describe and represent human level intelligence in form of numbers.

Hidden deep layer neural network
Hidden deep layer neural network

Course Content

We are providing 30 hours course on Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence including 15 hours of classroom training and 15 hours of exercise. This course required prior understanding of Data Science and Analytics using R.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Representational Learning
  2. Neural Networks – Feed Forward (FF) Neural Networks
    – Network connection
    – Input layer, Output Layer, Hidden Layers
    – Activation Functions
    – Back-propagation and gradient descent
  3. Implementation of the Deep Network
    – Keras Installation
    – Coding Deep Networks
  4. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN)
    – Introduction and application
  5. Project Work
    – Practice with FF and CNNs

Hurry !!! Deep Learning Classroom Batch starting soon. Call +91-8800983932 or Register for the Course

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