3 Games Data Scientist can play in their free time

Becoming a data scientist is a tough task. Being a data scientist is tougher with each day passing in solving complicated business problems. This leaves very little time for upskilling and even lesser time to enjoy. Nevertheless, this should not be an excuse to not have a work life balance. You can always find free time to play some mind wrangling yet different games. Here are a few games/activities which you can play and that also adds to enjoyment in your life.

Activity 1: Make Rubik’s Cube your fun activityData Scientist Data Science Analysis APLC Greater Noida Rubik's CubeRubik’s cube has six faces with 6 different colors. The idea is to jumble the cube and subsequently arrange the bits into their proper positions. Rubik’  s cube stresses on your spatial memory. It also inculcates a sense of remembering a sequence and recognizing patterns. Sequences and patterns are the building blocks in data science. Data Scientist working with Markov models would appreciate the importance of sequence and solving a Rubik’s cube. Rubik’s cube comes in various shapes and sizes. The most common are 3×3 cubes. You can accept a Rubik’s cube as a challenge and learn the various steps over a weekend. With practice a 3×3 Rubik’s cube can be solved in less than 3 minutes. It is a refreshing activity which can be completed within 5 minutes. Just to surprise you, the world record to solve is just a few seconds. One of the big advantages of Rubik’s cube is that it doesn’t require a companion.

Activity 2: Play a game of chess

Data Scientist Data Science Analysis APLC Greater Noida Chess

Chess doesn’t require much to be described. A data scientist should consider playing chess as it augments strategic thinking ability and improves decision making capability in a stressful situation. Not to mention the analysis that needs to be done to beat the opponent. Fast chess where two players have a limited time to make a move is a great version of chess as it can be completed within 10 minutes.

Activity 3: Play a game of Seep

      Data Scientist Data Science Analysis APLC Greater Noida SeepData Scientist Data Science Analysis APLC Greater Noida Seep

Seep is a popular card game played in northern India. The aim of this game is to capture cards with useful points. The details can be referred here. The reasons to play this game are multi-fold. Firstly, one needs to keep analyzing the possible sum of card numbers. Secondly, remember the previous cards played and then estimate which all cards rest with which other
players. Finally, play the game with patience. For a data scientist, Seep touches some of their finest skills i.e. data analysis, estimation theory and perseverance to succeed.

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